Third South-South Peer Capacity Exchange Programme (SSEP)-Sample

The objective of the ‘Training of Trainers’ short course was to orient participants from across the African continent on the basic concepts and instruments of CDRF. This included a description of the overall landscape of climate and disaster risk financing sources at the national and international level, applications of risk context studies, knowledge of CDRF instruments and their application, and data topics such as weather forecasting mechanisms.

While most of the globe is vulnerable to climate change and its associated hazards and risks, the African continent is disproportionally more at risk than most. It is estimated that temperatures in the parts of the continent region are rising faster than the global average, causing extreme temperatures, fluctuating rainfall patterns, more frequent and prolonged droughts, increasingly powerful cyclonic activity, as well as the threat of increasing sea level rise affecting coastal communities and ecosystems. All these hazards pose increasing risks to agricultural lands, urban communities, critical infrastructure, essential services, and networks, degrading land, impacting grazing patterns, and significantly reducing water supply for both animals, ecosystems and people, and their livelihoods, which in turn may jeopardize food security and stability across the region threatening to undo many of the development gains and hard-won progress achieved.

The CDRF courses were designed and implemented as a concentrated four-day virtual training bloc, with each day of training being approximately 4 hours in length. This training bloc was repeated three times, with each bloc focusing on a specific on a particular region and or language group. The table below illustrates the different regional foci of each training as well as the main languages the training was conducted in.

TrainingRegional FocusMain LanguageDates
CDRF Training 1Anglophone North and West Africa (Eastern Africa added)English26 -29 Sept
CDRF Training 2Francophone North, West and Central AfricaFrench10 -13 Oct
CDRF Training 3Southern AfricaEnglish/ Portuguese24 – 27 Oct


South-South Peer Capacity Exchange Programme.

Day 1:
Evolving Disaster and Climate Risk Context of Africa and Group-Specific Region : Download File
This session aimed at providing an understanding of the evolving context of the impact of climate change, disasters, and other shocks in Africa, creating awareness of the multiple and interlinked risks African countries face, from economic growth, the climate crisis / global warming, conflict, epidemics, economic, terrorism, migration, and refugees and introduce Key lessons for financial resilience within the broader sustainable development agenda.

Concept Note and Agenda
Day 1: Session 1 – Download File
Day 1: Session 2 &3 – Download File
Day 2: Session 4 –Download File
The Second South-South Peer Capacity Exchange Programme Download File
The Second South-South Peer Capacity Exchange Programme Download File

The session introduced participants to various financial instruments available on the continent which include:

  • Risk transfer: Sovereign risk transfer as a financing instrument
  • Contingent lines of credit
  • Public asset insurance and asset inventory
  • Contingency fund
  • Budget reallocation
  • Date of Creation :


  • Adaptation Sectors :

    Agriculture, Biodiversity

  • Climate Impacts :

    Flooding, Ice and Snow, Non specific

  • Countries :

    Angola, Burkina Faso

  • Funding Programmes :

    Adaptation Funds, CCF

  • Resource Tags :
    Board Meeting Report
    Report and publication by country teams
  • Type of Items :

    Guidance, Indicators